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DSI now offers a special service for customers called IMPACT, DSI’s new and exciting Lifecycle Customer Success Program designed with the customer in mind.

IMPACT will be your onboarding and adoption specialist. DSI cares about your Investment, Maximization of that investment, and complete Product Adoption through support from the IMPACT Customer Success Team.

Why do I need it?

You took the important first step of purchasing IT solutions that will eliminate a problem, protect your network, and streamline your infrastructure. The problem? Many never take the next step to ensure complete product adoption. They don’t “open the box”. This is where IMPACT comes into play...

With this service, DSI will provide a dedicated IMPACT Customer Success Manager who will guide you through the transition from implementation to post-sales onboarding.

DSI will oversee your project and demonstrate the value of that purchase alongside our highly certified engineers. DSI will work with you to create a personalized Success Plan, manage that plan to track and measure your goals, and make sure you are fully utilizing your purchased IT solutions. Simply put, we will open the box with you.

What's included?

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