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Customer Success Program

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DSI Tech specializes in Customer Success, a program centered around the Customer Experience (CX). By providing project support from start to finish, our Customer Success Team will guide you through each step of your Success Plan.

How does it work?

DSI Tech will assign a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to oversee your journey and utilize the resources of our extensive team of Sales Reps, Engineers, and CSMs, with the end goal of driving your ROI.
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Our team will organize all aspects of the Success Plan including business objectives, strategic initiatives, products, services, and adoption plans.

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Our team will advocate for you, providing internal support with account teams and external support with manufacturers.

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Proactive Care

Our team will prevent lapses in miscommunication or delays in services by tracking project milestones and initiating action.

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Our team will provide important product information, recommend services for you to utilize, and be a liaison for account teams, engineers, and OEMs.

Path to Success

We’ll work closely with you to create and execute a Success Plan, a clear statement of what DSI Tech will provide and how we will deliver value throughout your project.
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Identify Business Objectives

We will work with you to identify your overall IT goals as an organization and how this product or solution fits into that plan.

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Establish Desired Outcomes

We will work with you to identify measurable project milestones and action items that will lead to success. Details will be included in the project SOW.

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Implement & Validate Solution

We will oversee your project alongside our highly certified engineers and demonstrate the value of that purchase.

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Adopt Solution

We will ensure you are fully utilizing your purchased solution by monitoring usage. We’ll advocate on your behalf and proactively track progress & action items for product adoption.

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Achieve Goals

We will evaluate your objectives, desired outcomes, and project milestones to ensure you are on the best path to achieving your goals!

Maximize Your Investment

It’s not enough to just implement an IT solution and hope that it will be used regularly and effectively within your organization. Providing tools for your employees is only the first step! We will help you to uncover trouble spots where you might run into adoption barriers. We care about your IT solution investment and want you to maximize ROI for every purchase, while helping your employees to succeed in their roles.