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Atul Bhatia

Atul Bhatia

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Atul Bhatia sets the company’s strategic direction and focuses on financial strategy development to support operational growth. He has more than 27 years of organizational and management experience in the IT industry. His expertise as a skilled negotiator and visionary of lucrative market opportunities contributes to DSI Tech’s continued success.

Mr. Bhatia is a Strayer University alumnus with a Computer Information Systems degree. He co-founded (with Vinu Luthra) Network Connections, Inc. in 1991, which became AV Networks, Inc. in 1993, where he served as President. The company began by repairing and networking on-site computers for local government and commercial customers.

AV Networks, Inc. grew to $44 million in revenue, earning several multi-million dollar government contracts nationally before merging with DISYS in 2000. Mr. Bhatia was responsible for initiating the merger which transformed the company into a complete end-to-end solutions provider. After growing to over $200 million in revenue, DSI Tech became an independent company in 2010, with a continued mission to provide complete IT solutions and services.

Vinu Luthra

Vinu Luthra

President & Chairman

Vinu Luthra oversees the company’s daily operations including the sale and implementation process of IT solutions and services. He has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry; his expertise and dedication have led DSI Tech to win several multi-million dollar government technology contracts nationwide.

Mr. Luthra facilitates DSI Tech’s continued success by mentoring the sales and engineering personnel. Because of this, they maintain above-standard customer service skills and knowledge of current and emerging technologies. His knowledge of unique government policies and suitable technology solutions, despite the rapidly changing market trends and conditions, has allowed DSI Tech to analyze critical business needs and develop innovative, cost-effective solutions for customers.

Mr. Luthra is an alumnus of Delhi University with a degree in Mathematics. He co-founded (with Atul Bhatia) Network Connections, Inc. in 1991 and AV Networks, Inc. in 1993. He served as Vice President until the merger with DISYS in 2000. After growing to over $200 million in revenue, DSI Tech became an independent company in 2010, with a continued mission to provide complete IT solutions and services.

Alan Bechara

Alan Bechara

Executive Vice President

Alan Bechara is responsible for overseeing the planning, coordination, and execution of DSI Tech business goals. Mr. Bechara brings more than 25 years of industry experience to the position.

Mr. Bechara has been very successful at developing the vision, direction, and strategies required for leading businesses and creating a positive corporate reputation. Prior to joining DSI Tech, Mr. Bechara was President of PCMG, Inc. where he developed the company into a leading national government IT reseller. His tenure was capped with record revenue and profit in 2014 that more than tripled in three years.

Mr. Bechara was also Vice President of Insight Public Sector (formerly Comark), a start-up sales and marketing organization that grew to $200 million in revenues during his tenure.