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Environmental Responsibility Policy

Environmental sustainability presents challenges and opportunities for our company and our customers. DSI Tech has a long-standing commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our corporate activities. We are committed to incorporating leading environmental practices into our business strategy and operations to foster environmental awareness and responsibility among our people, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Our Priorities

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DSI Tech Team

Encourage environmental awareness among our employees and provide environmental training and learning opportunities.

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Environmental Management System

Actively work towards obtaining ISO 50001 certification.

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Partners & Suppliers

  • Consider environmental factors when making business decisions.
  • Engage with our stakeholders to consider the impact of how we deliver our work and support them in addressing their own environmental impacts.
  • Advance sustainability by serving as a collaborator and thought leader.
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Promoting Sustainable Practices

  • Create a workspace that promotes environmental stewardship.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint at the workplace through eco-friendly technologies and best-practices.
  • Make sustainability the rule rather than the exception.
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Company leadership routinely assesses our environmental sustainability practices, identifies areas for improvement, and maximizes our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

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Always maintain 100% compliance with all applicable environmental legal requirements.

Our Goals

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Reduce Scope 1 Emissions by 10%

DSI Tech is committed to reducing our Scope 1 emissions and will do so by implementing energy-efficient technologies at our company headquarters by 2025. Our efforts of reducing energy consumption by 10% (compared to 2023 levels) will include replacing all legacy lighting devices with energy efficient alternatives. All lighting will be controlled by motion activated and timed sensors to reduce unnecessary consumption throughout the building, at all times of the day.

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Reduce Scope 3 Emissions by 25%

DSI Tech is committed to reducing our Scope 3 emissions by the end of 2024 by 25% (compared to 2023 levels). We will reduce commuting-related emissions by implementing remote work policies, encouraging telecommuting, and providing flexible work hours to employees.