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Customer Success Stories

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County Government Network Upgrade

DSI upgraded the entire network infrastructure for a county government to support the Cisco VoIP platform. We replaced the existing aging system with state of the art Cisco Phone System.

DSI also implemented a Unified Wireless system in one building, which the customer plans to expand to all buildings throughout the county.

Federal Agency Network Upgrade and Expansion

DSI delivered and installed multiple Cisco Nexus 9000 units and associated software for the customer’s technology center, which needed hardware upgrades and to expand the current IT network.

The additional network capacity was critical to ensuring the continuity of operations by minimizing system vulnerabilities, allowing for the expansion of the existing production storage area network, and ensuring operability in conjunction with existing equipment. The additive switches will integrate with the existing Cisco-based network infrastructure and allow the customer to take advantage of significant technological improvements and cost savings in maintenance and operation of the complete infrastructure.

DSI also updated critical equipment in the enterprise network and security infrastructure. The systems needing replacement had end-of-life announcements by the manufacturer and had security vulnerabilities that may not be addressable by vendor software patches or updates.

School System Data Center and Network Installation

A large public school system with 7 data centers and 76 schools needed data center equipment and services in order to upgrade the current network to internet with failover capability network.


  • Provide an agile, scalable, and failover network design to resolve school network and power downtime and resiliency problems.
  • Meet the school requirement of BYOD (Bring Your Device) capability and meet the schools’ growing network bandwidth and latency requirements.
  • Ability to successfully install the state of art Cisco NCS (optical equipment), Core Cisco Nexus, and Cisco Catalyst 4500 equipment series.
  • Ability to deliver the project in a timely fashion and provide exemplary customer satisfaction within the School eRate timelines.

Solutions/Services Deployed: DSI delivered a state of the art solution to the customer by integrating with Cisco Professional services and installing the MAN/WAN equipment in record duration of 8 months, installing the Cisco NCS, Nexus 7K, and Cisco Catalyst 4500 series at seven data centers and 76 school sites without impacting the business operations of the school district. DSI achieved this by developing and implementing a migration plan from the old network to the new network with minimal business impact to the customer. The team installed stand-by and back-up UPS systems to provide network and power stability at the seven data centers. DSI provided detailed on-site training for the school staff of the cutting-edge technology.

Result: The school system has stable and resilient data centers with a 100Gbps network ring to connect to the internet within six months of the project start date, with a cost-effective solution implemented by DSI. This allows the school system’s business needs to meet the ever-growing BYOD network bandwidth and latency requirements.

School System Managed and Monitoring Services

A large public school system needed network monitoring, incident reporting, and resolution for Wireless Access Points and switches across 76 sites.


  • School system unable to meet the defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) with its stakeholders (school principals, teachers, and students).
  • 24/7 monitoring, incident reporting, and resolution for a network consisting of 4000+ Wireless Access Points, 2500+ switches, and other network equipment across 76 sites.
  • Define and automate the Configuration and Change Management System for devices.

Solutions/Services Deployed:

  • Utilizing ITIL principals to standardize, define, and streamline the customer’s Standard Operation Procedures and Change Management.
  • Managed Services using DSI’s State of the Art 24/7 Network Operations Center at headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia.
  • 24/7 Engineering Operations Team to proactively respond and resolve Incidents.
  • Utilizing Cisco Prime, ISE, and SolarWinds tool sets to proactively monitor and perform automated Configuration and Change Management.


  • School system IT organization is meeting the defined SLA with its stakeholders.
  • School is able to utilize more funds toward modernization versus operation efforts.
  • More secure, stable, and resilient network system.

School System Wide-Ranging Network Upgrade

DSI implemented a wide-ranging network upgrade for a county school system. The project involved installation and configuration of switches, data center, and security for their wireless network.

The project transformed the capacity and capability of computing, broadcasting, communicating, collaborating, teaching, learning, telephone, radio, 911, and storage infrastructure needs, which aligned with the school board and executive council business’ strategic objectives and goals.

School System Wired and Wireless Network Upgrade

DSI upgraded the wired and wireless network for all high schools in a county school system. The project involved installation of 700 access points and 350 switches within a tight window during the summer break.

The entire project was completed ahead of schedule and without disrupting any services.

School System Wireless Assessment

DSI performed a wireless assessment of 43 schools and provided a report of current Access Point (AP) coverage recommendations for updating the APs and enhancing their wireless environment.

DSI's team of engineers completed the project in one month, as requested by the customer. The opportunity led to a strong partnership with the customer and another major project that involved upgrading all of their switches in all of the schools.

School System Wireless E-Rate

DSI built a relationship with a public school system’s CIO who had been previously working with a different vendor for E-Rate opportunities.

After a series of meetings with DSI, the customer gave us the opportunity to handle e-Rate requests. The customer wanted us to deliver to each school a certain amount of Cisco wireless equipment and to submit an invoice for each location. DSI completed the project, meeting all requirements on time, and made it easy for the customer to work with us. The success of this project led DSI to become one of the school system’s vendor of choice for future projects.

School System Wireless Installation and BYOD

A large public school system needed route & switch and wireless network equipment, network stability and reliability, and engineering services to provide BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support.


  • Provide a stable, scalable, and reliable network for the school system in order to improve the satisfaction and trust of stakeholders (school principals, teachers, and students).
  • Provide a solution that supports 1:1 and BYOD capabilities to the network system.
  • Custom and cost-effective network solution to meet the future growth requirements of K-12 environment.
  • Capable team to plan, manage, and implement the solution to meet the eRate timeline, quality, and cost requirements.

Solutions/Services Deployed:

  • State of the Art design using Cisco Catalyst and Cisco 3850 series for LAN implementation.
  • State of the Art design to meet the BYOD and High-Density K-12 Wi-Fi needs using Cisco 8540 Wireless Controller, Cisco Prime, and Cisco 3800 WAP series.
  • Designed and implemented Integrated LAN and Wi-Fi solution to meet the 1:1 and BYOD business requirements.
  • Strong on-site technical team led by CCIE and CCNP certified engineers.
  • Led by a PMP and ITIL certified Project Manager to meet the tight timelines of the project with quality deliverables.


  • School system has successfully rolled out 1100+ iPads to its high school system and has met and exceeding its 1:1 and BYOD requirements.
  • School network stability and resiliency has significantly improved at the high schools and middle schools that implemented the integrated LAN and Wi-Fi solution.
  • Network incidents related to power disruptions have reduced drastically over the last year and provided a high user satisfaction and trust with its key stakeholders.

State Government Next-Gen Cisco Switches

DSI migrated and deployed a Next-Gen Cisco Nexus Core along with upgrade of Distribution and Access layer switches for a state government.

DSI conducted planning, staging, deployment, comprehensive documentation, testing, and knowledge transfer through project close-out.

State University Cisco Collaboration System Integration

A major state university was using the Avaya Phone System which ran out of support and maintenance. DSI successfully demonstrated the features of the Cisco Collaboration System as well as its integration.

DSI migrated the customer to a new VoIP phone system in a phased manner while integrating with the existing systems. In the initial phase, we deployed 100 phones; we migrated a total of 12,000 Avaya Phones to Cisco Phones upon project completion.

State University Network Refresh

DSI embarked on a five-year $60 million enterprise network refresh project to upgrade and rebuild a major state university campus network.

The project included the replacement of wiring and other communications equipment in more than 250 buildings. These updates will provide several benefits, such as increased bandwidth availability, Voice over IP technologies, and improved advanced research computing capabilities.

State University Virtual Infrastructure for Disaster Recovery

DSI assisted a state university to position virtual infrastructure with remote storage for an effective Disaster Recovery solution.

DSI additionally helped implement a campus-wide next generation Cisco wireless system that included redundant wireless controller capability where students, faculty, staff, and guests can work and collaborate in a secure and mobile environment.

State University VoIP Phone System Installation

The state university customer had a mix of four phone systems. Some of the phone equipment was running out of support and maintaining it was costly and difficult.

DSI migrated the customer to a new VoIP phone system in a phased manner while integrating with the existing systems.